LAVENDER hot wax beans 1kg

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All EZ Hot & Film Wax contain moisturising coconut oil


Calming propertis of Lavandula Angustifolia reduces redness & blotches, is an anti-inflammatory that soothes & heals reddened skin.
Titanium Dioxide prevents irritation to skin, minimal risk to sensitive skins

EZ Hot Wax is a method more suitable to those stubborn areas eg bikini, underarm and facial. A thin layer (approximately 2mm) of hot wax is applied against the hair (opposite direction) to ‘catch & lift’ the hair. Once cooled slightly the wax is then removed in the same direction as the hair growth. This minimises ‘breaking’ of the hair and is less painful. EZ hot wax is packed in 1kg bags of ‘beans’ which allow for easy melting and readiness. All EZ Hot & Film Wax contain moisturising coconut oil

Epilation Zone or better known as EZ Waxing Systems in South Africa are uniquely formulated, fully imported high grade waxes that offer the best solutions to waxing. Based on European formulations this wax is exported to many countries, Europe, Russia, USA and Brazil (being one of the largest importers). Each country that imports the wax has the licence to label it under their own brand, this makes it affordable and economical. Most importantly it can be used on all skin types with very little or no discomfort thanks to the low melting temperatures and unique formulations. EZ has a range of variants to suit your needs.


On every EZ wax you will find a colour coded sticker, collect 10 of the same colour stickers and exchange for 1 of the same wax free. Or continue collecting your stickers to exchange for a wax heater or other Depilatory products. Ask your sales consultant for a card to attach your stickers to and save. T&C apply.


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