Vision & Values

Vision & Values

To be the best functioning, efficiently operated, customer oriented company, and be recognized as a leader in South Africa.


To effectively utilize; staff through empowerment, training and customer feedback to provide a high quality service which is transparent to employees and customers, to establish a relationship with other organizations for sharing information of mutual benefit, and to utilize a full campaign to mobilize customers through an effective medium of communication, knowledge and training.


  • EMPLOYEES – Working together by sharing knowledge and ideas, whereby employees are trained and /or retrained to undertake clear concise assignments through to successful completion, leading to job security, and to create unity and understanding amongst staff members, based on adequate training and knowledge.
  • CUSTOMERS – Establish open lines of communication through effective customer service to enhance positive feedback and address negative feedback, thereby providing the customer with high quality service. To supply quality products with confidence and further training and product support through our in house training facilities.
  • MANAGEMENT – Demonstrate commitment through financial support, provision of proper equipment and materials, opportunities for employee development, recognition of improved performance in all areas of customer service, fulfillment of promises to employees and acceptance and endorsement of employee ideas and suggestions, all of which is embedded in a clean, safe and healthy work environment. To comply and abide by the Health & Beauty Industry code of ethics.
  • MORALE – A workforce which displays a high level of initiative and commitment, demonstrated by enthusiastic and motivated employees who are reasonably compensated and rewarded for their contribution to the success of Upfront Distribution.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – Document processes, implement changes and monitor performance, with the aim of continuously improving our service and training to our customers. To continually strive to improve on the quality of products and performance at all levels. We at Upfront Distribution are committed to continued improvements of our facilities and will continue to seek better and improved systems for our clients and staff.

Senior Partners Nick Coleman (CEO), Diana Coleman (CFO)