Body Exfoliating Sponge (Disposable)


Disposable body exfoliating sponge to remove the dead skin off your body prior to waxing, assists in preventing ingrown hairs and is great for circulation.

  • Only use shower gels or washes, no creams or oils
  • Rinse the shower gel out of the sponge thoroughly after use and squeeze out excess water
  • Sponges should only be used for a maximum of 2 weeks before replacing.
  • It is unhygienic to keep the sponge for longer than 2 weeks (it is a disposable item and dead skin cells get caught inside the sponge cells)
  • Benefits

    Besides stimulating the lymphatic system Body Brushing can also benefit in the following ways:

    • The stimulation of blood flow is believed to assist with the reduction of cellulite
    • Improves skin tone
    • Clears the skin of dead skin cells thereby making it more receptive to moisturizing body lotions and creams
    • Invigorating when done first thing in the morning
    • Improves sleeping patterns if done in the evening
    • Stimulated blood flow and less dead skin leaves a glowing skin that is soft to the touch

The rule of thumb is the softer the sponge is the longer it will last; the coarser the sponge the less time it lasts


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