Super Waxing Kit

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Consists of:
1 x 800g Wax Heater                  1 x Citric cleaner 250ml
1 x single cartridge heater          1 x Pre wax Lotion 250ml
1 x 800g EZ strip wax                 1 x Post wax Creme 250ml
1 x kg EZ Hot wax                        1 x Post wax Rose Oil 250ml
2 x EZ cartridges 100g                1 x talcum powder 50g
1 x pck Pre-cut strips                  1 x pck Wax collars 20s
1 x pck spatulas 50s                     1 x tweezers
1 x pck facial spatulas 50s          1 x plastic wax sheet SM
1 x PVC kitbag


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